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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can my child be on the same team as another child?
A. We take requests to match players up with other players on our Draft Day. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, we also need to provide a competitively balanced league. Siblings will be accommodated however if they are in the same division. 

Q. Can my child have a particular coach?
A. We take "coach requests" on our Draft Day. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, we cannot guarantee that a child will be on a specific coach's team. However, if a child's parent or relative is a coach, that child will be on the coach's team. 

Q. On what day are the games played? 
A. We play games on Saturdays.

Q. Where are the games being played? 
A. K-2nd (Jackson Jr High), 3rd-4th Boys & 3rd-5th Girls(Argonaut HS), 5th-6th Boys (Amador HS) and 6th-8th Girls & 7th-8th Boys (Argonaut HS)

Q. When are the practices? 
A. No scheduled practices during the week (lack of gym space) teams will practice 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game. 

Q. When does registration close? 
A. Typically first week of November, however depending on size of league there may be late sign-ups accepted (REGISTER EARLY).

Q. Do the boys and girls play together? 
A. Only at our Kindergarten thru 2nd division (Clinic).

Q. Can I request that my child be on the same team as another child or have a specific coach? 
A. Our first goal is competitive balance. That being said, we try to accommodate all requests but we can't guarantee that those requests will be granted. Siblings will be put on the same team if in the same division. 

Q. Can my 2nd grader "play up"? 
A. Yes. Kids can "play up" in AYB. In other words, a child in 2nd grade can play in the 3rd and 4th grade division. HOWEVER, this should only be done is cases where the player who is playing up is sufficiently skilled and mature enough to play with older children.

Q. My child is playing other sports. Can he/she play? 
A. Yes. The overlap can be handled by your coach. Amador Youth Basketball is a SATURDAY ONLY LEAGUE!

Q. What size ball do the kids use so I can buy one to practice with? 
A. K-2nd (27.5 in.), 3rd-4th grade boys (28.5 in.), 3rd-5th girls (28.5 in.), 5th-6th grade boys (regulation size 28.5 in.), 6th-8th grade girls (28.5 in.), 7th-8th grade boys (regulation size 29.5 in.)

Q. Is AYB a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization? 

A. Yes.

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